About Us

About Us

Phoebe & Chase is the brainchild of Kieron Richardson and his husband Carl Hyland.


Any idea grows from a want or need. Being a parent to a child, the words 'want' and 'need' feature in our life on a daily basis.....I want a lolly......I need a bike......or as we say, I NEED SLEEP!

Getting dressed or shopping for clothes is no different, except we can't always fufil the needs or wants of our family when doing this.

We need them to get dressed, they want to wear tracksuits instead of dresses, I want them to look like we have it together, they want to wear matching.

This is all good until we went searching for matching and it seemed their want turned into our need...

So we made it.

From tracksuits to trousers, dresses to boiler suits, an idea grew from want to need. We researched it and got fed up of being parents who had to have our children in a category. In clothes shops, it's either girls sections or boys sections and they're often at opposite ends of the store. We thought why can't all clothes be together and not in a category but a colour tone or pattern so the kids can match and wear what they like and not because the sign above it says so. 


Welcome to Phoebe & Chase

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